Aug 3, 2010

Revitalize your business

Hello All!
 I have just posted (or reposted) some items on etsy again. In the beginning, I was pregnant and bored, with a bunch of time on my hands. I was under the impression that I could continue producing new items and promoting my shop after having the baby. (Well, we all know how that played out.) My baby is a toddler now, and I feel like I need to move forward with my creative endeavors not only for myself, but for her. I want her to see that she can do anything through my example. But enough about me, here are some tips I came across that helped me get motivated, and can probably help you!

*ReFocus  Meditate. This has really helped me to focus in on some things I was sweeping under the rug, and it can also spark your creativity.

*ReMix your line  Take a look at the products you are selling. What can you do to improve them? Have you received any negative feedback about them? Also try adding a few new things to the line, something that you might have thought about but never completed or started.

*ReBrand  Maybe your logo just is not working for the products you offer. Make it work so that you don't need to explain what your product is. Your branding should really speak for itself (This is something I am working on in my own shop)

*ReThink  You must always speak positive things into existence. Do not say things that are negative, and remember that your past business mistakes are in the past. They happened, and you learned from them (hopefully)!) and now its time to speak your business goals out loud each day. Negative thoughts find their way into everything, and you don't want negatives in business!

I hope these tips helped or encouraged some of you. Happy Selling!

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