Dec 9, 2008


This weekend, I was sitting home with a pinched nerve in my neck, waiting for my muscle spasm to STOP HURTING, and I decided that I would try to get my mind off things. I picked up my crochet hook and didn't look back. I have been in the mood for texture, so I decided to revisit the basketweave stitch. I wanted to make a hat for myself, and I have always liked that stitch, as well as popcorn, and puff stitch for texture. So, I made this hat over the past weekend.

This  was a prototype, so the size was a bit off... I thought to myself, "Yeah, make it big, so I can wear it longer..."( I have locs and my hair is growing me out of hats these days) Well, I made a bit too big! I can still wear it, (and I will) but I wanted it to be a bit smaller. 

I couldn't just leave it alone... I finished that hat, and started on the camo one. This one is going well, just the size I wanted. So now I am camo crazy, and I will probably finish that one tomorrow.

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