Dec 12, 2008

Winter Baby!

Hello!, I am sitting here, in my nice warm apartment while outside the weather has decided to be cold, wet, and slippery. Yes, the northeast is having a storm! I am sort of excited though because I am featured in an accessories showcase all day today! check it out at

I made this set of cute baby booties and a hat for a friend of mine...She will be having a girl next month, and what a great way to bring her home in handmade style? She loved them of course, (I used two of her favorite colors) and I can not wait to see her baby next month!

On this cold wintery day, I need to do something, but I am not sure what to make... should I do jewelry, hats, more baby stuff, something new?
I am not sure what to do yet, I am till enjoying my yummy cornmeal porridge.

Till next time...

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racheblue @ bAd said...

Hi ForeverFruitful,

I spotted these gorgeous booties and hat on wardrobe refashion. I love them - great colour combo and style. Do you have a pattern for them?

Cheers, Rache